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Zone Analysis
Comprehensive Product & Shopper Interaction Analysis.

Focusing on Sales of Categories

Arbitrary zones in the store can be defined, and Link Retail Zone Analytic reports everything about the zone activity. How many shoppers passed from the zone? How many of them stopped and interacted with the products? What is the average dwell time for the zone?

  • Number of passersby from the zone.
  • Number of impressions at the zone.
  • Average dwell (shopping) time.
  • Historical reports at hourly & daily intervals.

Explore the Details of Category Performance

Here are some examples of its benefits.

Product & Shopper Interaction

Retailers can accurately explore product & shopper interaction insights and improve merchandising activities.

Impression Rate

We help you to find out this question: Is the category getting

shopper's attention? Or is it nearly invisible to the shoppers?

Complete Sales Funnel

You can effortlessly form a sales funnel for any specific product or category.


Product category performance within the same store or the different stores can be easily compared.

Zone Analysis Reports

Link Retail Zone Analytic reports contain all dimensions of shopper & category interactions.

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