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Wastage in Other Categories


If you add roots, tuber crops, oilseeds, and legumes in this calculation, it represents more than 60% of all global wastage.

At Link Retail, we’re committed to addressing a critical issue that affects both our environment and society: food waste. It’s staggering to learn that EU households dispose of over 17 billion kg of fresh fruits and vegetables each year. This equates to 35.3 kg of produce per individual annually, with 14.2 kg of this waste deemed preventable.

A significant portion of this problem arises at the consumer level, where, on average, 29% of all fresh fruits and vegetables purchased by EU households are ultimately discarded (De Laurentiis et al., 2018). But the issue starts much earlier in the supply chain. Research indicates that 50 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables grown in Europe never make it to store shelves, rejected solely due to their appearance, size, or shape. This means that one-third of the produce harvested is wasted before it even has a chance to be sold (The University of Edinburgh, 2018). Furthermore, a substantial amount of produce, up to two-fifths, is discarded simply for being considered “ugly,” contributing significantly to the food waste crisis (The Guardian, 2013).

At Link Retail, we believe in the power of technology to tackle these challenges head-on. By optimizing supply chains and reducing unnecessary waste, we’re working towards a future where every piece of produce has value, regardless of its looks. Join us in our mission to make retail more sustainable, one fruit and vegetable at a time.

Link Retail'S Waste Management Process

POS data at the core of Link Retail waste management AI.

Assessment of Current Situation

Assessment of stores representative
for the grocery chain.
Evaluate in-store performance,
numbers and POS-system.

System Modifications and Piloting

Do a semi-manual pilot with ordering,
production and wastage
routines and reporting.
Applying this in 2-4 stores.

Define Potential & Quick Wins

Define status, opportunities,
challenges and suggest
objectives as well as
concrete plan going forward.

Implementation Process

Implementation in total chain.
Training of employees
in-store and operations.
Supporting and following up regularly.

Automated Order Process

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