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Retail is a highly competitive and shopper-driven industry. Attracting shoppers and ensuring that those visiting your stores are buying will be the major challenges retailers are facing. When applying the right analytical tools, you are able to make the right operational and strategic decisions. The data collected allows you to identify your main drivers, assess your merchandising strategies and the effect of your promotions, involve your employees, and optimize the layout of your stores. Measuring store traffic and sales conversion – the share of visitors buying – should be your first priority to manage available resources effectively, thus increasing turnover and shopper satisfaction.

Benefits of Link Video Analytics

Store Traffic

By applying Link Video Analytics, you can measure your stores footfall accurately. Staff can be excluded to improve counting accuracy and you can monitor real-time occupancy and shoppers visiting time in your stores. Our reporting system enables you to objectively allocate necessary resources at a reasonable cost.

Shoppers First

One of the key success factors in brick-and-mortar retail stores is to focus on shopper behavior. Link Retail video analytic solutions puts the shoppers in the center of your decision making.

Queue Management

An effective queue management strategy is vital for all retailers. Using our solutions, you are able to predict footfall. The solutions will also provide you the average time spent in a store by the shoppers. This enables us to calculate staff needed manning the cashiers to avoid abandonment and customer dissatisfaction. Our queue management solution can be set up to distribute relevant tasks to youremployees to improve customer retention and reduce lost sales.


The best-selling products should always be placed at the best places of a store to obtain the best possible results for you as a retailer. Using our video analytic solutions enables you to observe where your visitors goes and where they don´t go. Our reporting suite supplies critical insights enabling you to build, maintain and constantly develop an easy-to-use store layout to support optimalization of your product placement and merchandising.

Dwell Time

Our video analytics solutions allow you to define specific areas within your stores that you want to monitor. You are able to see number of shoppers passing by a defined area, number of shoppers stopping in the area and dwell time in the area. By doing the same observation in a representative selection of stores, you are able to benchmark performance between the stores enabling you to establish “best-practice” in all your stores. employees to improve customer retention and reduce lost sales.

Staffing Optimization

Staffing is the biggest driver of costs for a retailer. To secure customer satisfaction you have to staff your stores to meet expected footfall. Overworked staff makes mistakes and a too high level of stress over time will cause staff to leave. Training and reduced efficiency in an introduction-phase of new employees represents additional costs. Link Video Analytics enables you to optimize workforce management to schedule workhours for your staff to improve both customer- and employee satisfaction.

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Benefits of Link Video Analytics – cloud-based or applied locally

All our video analytic solutions are GDPR compliant. Our video analytic solutions are non-proprietary meaning most CCTV cameras able to generate a video signal can be used. Hence all our video analytic solutions are both cost-effective allowing you to utilize existing infrastructure and provides industry-leading accuracy. As a standard, our video analytic solutions are cloud-based but on request, the solutions can also be installed as a local setup.

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