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The Benefits of People Counting In A Post-COVID Retail World

There’s no doubt about it: COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of how we live and work; and while the world isn’t ready to leap back to normal just yet, now is the time to consider how we’ll approach safety in a post-COVID world.

Businesses and organizations can leverage lots of modern technologies to help make their facilities safer for people who spend time there. Below, we’ve covered two of the most powerful– people counting and heat maps.

The Benefits of People Counting In A Post-COVID Retail World

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring: Occupancy information can be useful if it’s delayed, but it’s not useful enough– especially not in a post-COVID world. You need real-time information to help keep your customers and employees protected. People counting makes that possible
  • Provide more safety area: Your employees and your customers will thank you if you’re able to provide them with more safe areas to move or wait; you can use people counting to segment off safe areas and determine where people should go
  • Helping support customer attitude changes: Almost 70% of consumers don’t feel safe going into retail stores right now; when you help prioritize safety outside of the official measures in place to control COVID-19’s spread, you make people more comfortable entering your facilities

Heat Maps: Another Important Facet of Keeping Shoppers and Commuters Safe After the Pandemic

Heat maps grant businesses and organizations clear insight into shopper and store interaction. It’s possible to track every person in space and summarize their activities to determine how to segment facilities, how your customers behave, and what to do to improve safety.

    • Heat maps generate easy-to-understand reports: Many heat maps use analytics algorithms to actually understand and inform you about human activities in your facilities
    • It’s easy to make shopper-oriented decisions: Whether it’s to benefit safety or sales, you can make changes based on hot and cold spots– the way your facilities are organized and utilized, the amount of staff you dedicate to certain areas, and other decisions can all be influences by heat map data.
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