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Store Operations

Analyze the Current Situation

Realize the potential of your store. Know your customers, what do they want, and what they do?

Who are your most important shoppers? What separates your retail business from the competitors? This is what Shopper Segmentation and Positioning is all about. Our operational project tools help retailers and suppliers optimizing their product portfolios and price points. Most businesses could do well with fewer products –and a better-managed value proposition and prices.
We find out what’s the best placement for any promotion -or secondary placements as such.

Measure Customer’s Attention

Which price poster works best -and what is the best placement to sell even more products.

We do A-B testing in store and we use tools like Eye-Tracking to “see what shoppers see”. With our own software like Link Video Analytics and Link Places we go even deeper and help retailers with the “most impossible task” – and we love it. This is our passion!

Consultancy on a broad basis is basically offered in Northern Europe. We do bigger projects out of the region.

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