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Staff Exclusion Technology To Help Purify Your Store Traffic Data

Are you looking for the best staff exclusion technology so you can attain pure counting data and store traffic? If you are, you must not look further than our retail people counting technology. It will help you transform your retail store as you enjoy accurate store traffic data. 

Here is everything you must know about our people counting technology

What Is Staff Exclusion? 

Not all people counting technologies are accurate, as some of them also take your staff movements into account. Because of this, you will not have accurate data, and your conversion rates can seem low. Staff exclusion technology helps retailers exclude their staff from the store traffic data. 

Through this technology, retailers will have pure counting data that will accurately reflect their footfall counting. Such technology includes various things such as a people counter, people counter camera, and door counters. Of course, we offer our own technology to retailers. 

AI-Based People Counting Technology By Link Retail 

We understand all the concerns of retailers, which is why we have invested our time and effort in creating the top AI-based technology. Our technology can automatically detect staff movements and exclude staff count from your store traffic data. That is because staff movement can negatively impact your conversion rate. 

After all, staff members go out and come into the store multiple times a day, which can affect your footfall counting. Our AI technology resolves this problem by helping you detect staff movements and excluding them from the data. The best part is that our technology does not require your staff to wear RIFD cards or beacon tags. 

Our smart people counting system works automatically by learning the staff appearance and their in-store behaviour throughout the day. So we help you understand your store traffic in no time through this data. 

Why Choose Our People Counting Technology For Staff Exclusion?

Here are the top three reasons to choose our people counting technology for your staff exclusion efforts from store traffic data:

1. Low Cost  

Our AI and analytics are compatible with existing CCTV hardware. You can use our platform on the most affordable people counter cameras on the market. That is why you don’t need to worry about your budget. 

2. Occupancy And Visiting Time Metrics 

Our retail people counter offers occupancy and visiting time metrics to retailers. You can also filter the visitor numbers depending on their visiting time. So, you can make accurate retail decisions depending on days and times. 

3. High Accuracy 

Our AI tool is accurate, and you will get pure counting data without any mistakes. You can use this data to make the best decisions for your business in no time. All retailers can enjoy such high accuracy at a low cost. 

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Now that you are familiar with our staff exclusion and people counting technology contact us today. We will help you find the best solution for your retail store traffic data in no time. 


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