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Learn how to optimize your sales promotions and shelves

Increase sales, gross margin, and customer satisfaction thru the use of our Space Management tools. Three of the most important shopper-drivers is that it’s easy, fast, and safe to find and choose products. For both Retail Chains and brands, it´s therefore very important to deliver on this, but also difficult, without the right tools to help you. With the use of our solutions, we make it easy for the shopper to see the right products and help them take quick and safe choices

POS Analysis

Link Places

There are no in-store measures that increase sales more than an optimal sales promotion. Optimal Sales promotion is the safest and most secure way to increase sales – and/or to increase gross margins. If you follow our instructions, we can guarantee you better results.

“Place the best products in the best places” is one of the fundamentals in retail. At the same time, it´s one of the most underestimated formulas in use. We have simplified this process and put all that you need into one tool.

Most shoppers buy bestsellers –and the best products are a huge part of the total turnover at a retailer. But where is the optimal place for the different products? Thru Link Places we register all the best places in a store and measure sales from the products placed there.

By combining place and sales we can deliver a unique overview of how the different products are performing in the store’s best places, and over time give suggestions based on actual sales and performance. With Link Places, you will know how all products in the store are selling and where you should put them to optimize your sales.

Link Shelves

The shelves in a store can be demanding. Often, they are overflowing with products, making it difficult to navigate. Retailers and brands are facing a lot of difficult questions regarding how to optimize the shelf. Optimal placement of the different products? What type of merchandising is optimal for your category? How many facings should each product have? Use of POS material? How can we best increase the shopper’s awareness of our products?

In order to change the shopper’s behavior in front of a shelf, you have to change the shelf design and the position of the products. And to get the necessary insight to answer this you need to test out different solutions and learn from them.

With Link Shelves you can easily measure how your shelves are performing and the system will give you suggestions for changes based on performance. With our deep learning and AI software, you´ll get the support you need to improve any shelf.


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