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Shopper Flow
We are the inventor of "Modern Shopper Flow" analytics.

Visualizing Shopper & Store Interaction

With Link Retail shopper flow analytics, the retailers gain the essential insights to maximize their revenue as well as cutting down redundant expenses. Link Retail shopper flow solution is a powerful & popular  tool used by retailers and retail researchers for understanding in-store shopper behavior.

The basic idea behind Link Retail shopper flow analytic is to utilize existing in-store CCTV cameras. Then an intelligent software analyzes in-store footage to find out summaries of shopper activities.

The shopper flow system can detect and visualize in-store shopper activities with high accuracy thanks to its video processing based technology.

Link Retail's Top 4 Technological Superiorities

We are the only company that calibrates every installation and secures performance over 95%.

Heat Maps on the Floor Plan

Single camera heatmaps are combined onto the floor plan of the store. By this way, a holistic view of shopper flow is obtained.

Comprehensive Data

Our shopper flow data contains all dimensions of the shopper movements; passersby, impression and dwelling.

Zone Analysis

Arbitrary zone regions in the camera view can be defined and the system will specifically analyze the given region for extracting metrics including passersby, impression and dwell time.

Route Maps

Shopper navigation patterns are detected and visualized with an easy-to-understand manner.

A/B Testing & Optimization


Analogous to the medical diagnostic tools like X-ray, Link Retail shopper flow software enables the retailers to capture their stores’ health condition. Link Retail analytics takes clear pictures of the retail stores containing shopper behavior patterns in the format of handy heat map images.

The insights presented by our shopper flow suite are employed for optimizing vital retailing activities such as marketing, store layout, merchandising and daily operations. Link Retail shopper flow solution supports the retailers’ decision making activities by providing shopper & store interaction patterns in a fine detail.

In Link Retail analytics, shopper activities at any point of the store is reported. By this way, hot and cold areas of the store can be easily spotted.

Heat Maps

Heat maps are the building blocks of Link Retail shopper flow platform. All dimensions of shopper activity from individual camera views are detected and reported in heat map format. See details.

Zone Analysıs

Arbitrary zones can be defined by the Link Retail users, and the system will start specifically analyze the defined region in order to extract metrics including passersby, impressions and dwell time. See details.


Shopper navigation patterns are reported in our property route map format. Retailers can easily pinpoint how the shoppers are navigating inside the store. 
See details.

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