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Route Map
Understand how shoppers navigate inside the store.

Revealing the Shopper Journey Details

Link Retail Route Analytic creates easy-to-understand graphical visualizations indicating shopper movements. Retailers can swiftly identify the details of shopper journey.

  • Detailed and easy to understand route map reports.
  • Shopper navigation patterns.
  • Least and most used paths within the store.
  • Effortless identification of navigation glitches.

Drive Shopper Journey Wisely

Here are some examples of benefits.

Navigation Patterns

The most and least used paths within the store can be identified effortlessly.

Common Paths

Focusing on commonly used shopping paths will clarify the path to purchase.

Usability Aspects

Is there any unknown usability issue at your store? RetailFlux Route Analytic will detect any of them instantly.

A/B Testing

Retailers can assess the effect of new changes like posters, windows, merchandising and promotions.

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