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Occupancy Signs
We offer the World’s most versatile occupancy analysis solution.

Live Occupancy Monitoring System

Retailers are obligated to preserve social distancing rules by limiting the number of shoppers inside the stores to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

Link Retail’s Occupancy Signs application is the solution to monitor real-time occupancy level of the retail stores. The system comprises AI based people counting sensors that anonymously count and track people entering and exiting your store. Then, it audits the store’s occupancy rate as per its capacity.

Occupancy Signs system ensures that shoppers and employees have the space that they need to stay safe and healthy.

Link Retail's Top 4 Technological Superiorities

We are the only company that calibrates every installation and secures performance over 95%.

Super Low Hardware Cost

Link Retail video analytics are compatible with the existing CCTV hardware. Out platform is even available on the lowest cost cameras in the market.

Staff Exclusion

Store employees are automatically detected by our property LinkVision technology. The employees don’t have to wear any barcodes, beacon or Wi-fi tags.

Occupancy & Visiting Time

Link Retail counters comes with the occupancy and visiting time metrics. The number of visitors can also be filtered based on visiting time.

AI Powered Accuracy

Our video processing algorithms are powered by property AI models, which enables us to achieve industry leading accuracy with the lowest possible costs.

Benefits of Link Occupancy Signs


Link Retail’s real-time occupancy monitoring system leverages an AI based algorithm to generate real-time data. The system notifies the users when occupancy limits are approached or exceeded, thus enabling the shop keepers to audit social distancing rules.

The Occupancy Signs system provides all the metrics needed to comply with the occupancy limitation regulations. It works with the cameras installed at the store’s entrance to instantly monitor IN and OUT traffic from the store. Occupancy Signs application can provide visual signs reflected to the digital screens to inform the shoppers about the real-time occupancy rates.

Furthermore, in case of high occupancy rate, customers will be asked to wait outside of the store until it’s safe for them to enter. This removes the need to assign a security employee at the door to regulate the number of customers entering to the store. With Occupancy Signs system, the historical occupancy statistics are also useful for store owners and managers to plan their daily activities.

Social Awareness

While the people are preparing to return back to normal, they are aware of the dangers of contagion.

People are wearing masks and taking the precautions necessary to stay six feet apart from each other. A counting system monitoring the real-time store traffic and informing the people about the occupancy rates is very useful to protect public health. Our occupancy analysis system can help both the brick-and-mortar retailers and the shoppers to deal with global pandemic.

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