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Retail Store Occupancy & Footfall Analysis Systems

In-store retail analytics is the technique of getting data from your retail shop and then analyzing it to offer insights and better knowledge of your consumers, how they use your store, and ultimately how your retail business works. A major instrument in the acquisition of this data is footfall and people countersWhen implemented and exploited effectively, footfall analysis may assist define marketing and operational initiatives, and the data generated can be used to guide crucial business decisions. 

People Counting – Giving the Data for Retail Analytics 

Managers will find it difficult to answer issues like these even with the greatest data and footfall analyses. 

  • How can I save money on my business’s operations? 
  • Where can we acquire a competitive advantage? 
  • How can I enhance the client experience? 

Understanding and responding to these queries might be the difference between growth and stagnation since ease and customer experience are increasingly seen as equally as vital as pricing. The usage of footfall monitoring technology also provides areas for considerable operational savings to be found, as well as new commercial prospects. With the help of people counters, you may gather the necessary data and achieve operational excellence via skilled in-store retail analytics.

What is Footfall Analysis? 

Footfall analysis is a means of assessing how many people travel through a specific location during the day. Retailers may use this information to keep tabs on their performance and spot potential revenue generators. By investing in current footfall measurement equipment, shops may have access to precise, live data 24/7. 

How do Footfall Counters Work? 

Footfall counters, also known as traffic counters, keep track of how many people pass through a predetermined threshold point, such as the entrance to a business or site. There are all types of technologies available from basic beam break technology to Time of Flight and stereo camera technology. While there are numerous technologies at the device level, the most crucial part is that the systems be maintained for continuous functioning and accuracy to guarantee they are a valuable business tool. It’s important to note that accuracy estimates are stated with a critical accuracy of 95%, beyond which the computed business metrics become “unreliable.” However, once the device’s accuracy rises over 95%, the calculated KPI of Conversion Rate will not be drastically altered. 

How does People Counting Work? 

Link Retail software platform combines standard CCTV cameras into high-performance counters with the use of its ultimate AI core, dubbed LinkVision. The counter cameras positioned at the entrance of the business can identify individual consumers by utilizing their looks and behavioral features. Thanks to LinkVision AI recognition algorithms, the counter cameras can detect various sorts of things such as people, shopping carts, and baby trolleys. Furthermore, the counting method readily eliminates inaccuracies caused by environmental difficulties such as shadowing and fluctuating illumination. This isn’t all that we can say about the Link Retail counting platform. Additionally, it is capable of detecting employees, tracking the length of time shoppers spend in stores, and calculating the amount of space occupied. Most crucially, in our counting reports, counting statistics may be sorted according to shopping time restrictions given by the users. Comparing Link Retail counters to its 3D vision-based rivals, the ability to use lower-cost hardware components is an advantage. 

Track How Many Visitors Visit Your Shop 

People counting software and retail technology have been at the center of our development for a long time. All of our people counting sensors can accept many consumers entering a store and come with the industry’s highest level of accuracy across the contract. It’s possible to see how many people are coming into a shop hour by hour with our people counting cameras. By increasing traffic, you open the door to additional chances to influence consumer behavior and boost revenue via promotions, incentives, and unique experiences. 

You can predict when a business will be quiet or busy based on current footfall analyses and historical data. Then, you can plan your staffing resources accordingly.  To maximize sales and improve peel-off rates, it’s critical to know your customers’ purchasing habits and patterns. By doing so, you can keep tabs on shop performance for reporting reasons. Only when you know how many people visit your shop or public place, at what time, and for how long can you assess if marketing efforts and product lines are effective and whether the layout is simple to traverse.

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