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If you are a shopkeeper, grocery owner, or floor manager in a mall, you are likely to have experienced difficulties keeping up with POS data. We understand that POS data can be hard to interpret. That’s why we developed the intuitive Link Sales Modul with a clear interface that allows users who are not tech-savvy to understand critical data points.

How the Link Sales Modul Works

The Link Sales Modul is connected to your retail store’s POS system to track daily sales and perform data analytics. It then transmits this data to the Link Retail software, which is connected to your tablet or smartphone. The software processes retail data in real-time and sends it directly to the user’s smartphone.
The Link Sales module displays important metrics, such as conversion rates and sales volumes, in a streamlined interface. The figures are easy to interpret even if you don’t have a background in information technology. This tool makes it easy to monitor your POS data while working away from the store.

The Benefits of Real-Time POS Data Analysis

The Link Sales Modul generates hourly and daily POS analytics and sends them directly to your smartphone. Having access to real-time data gives you an upper hand in the highly competitive retail sector. It helps you keep track of daily sales and notice emerging sales patterns and changes in customer behavior.
The real-time data analysis increases your responsiveness and flexibility at the operational level. You will identify underperforming zones immediately and have them redesigned. Similarly, you will be able to leverage well-performing areas to maximize sales. The software also generates feedback you can use to make the jobs of front-line employees easier and boost their performance.

3 Ways Real-Time Data Analysis Can Help Your Business

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you will have a lot of sales data. This holds true regardless of whether you own the busiest grocery in town or a niche small-town shop that sees only a handful of customers every day. Every bit of information you have can be used to develop your business, if you have the right tools to analyze it. Here are just a few ways you can use our Link Sales Modul to keep in control of your business.

Track performance statistics in real-time

Our software links directly with your POS system. This means that no matter where you are, you can look at your smartphone and get statistics on conversion rates, sales volume, and footfalls, all updated in the last hour. You can see trends in sales over any time period, no matter how small, and use that information to get the bigger picture of what’s happening.

POS Analysis

Save time and energy

If your sales data are in the form of a weekly spreadsheet, dealing with the numbers can be daunting. It’s often hard to visualize what they mean, and it can take a lot of time to create graphs with the relevant data.

The Link Sales Modul allows you to focus your energy where it’s most needed, whether that’s in human resources, large-scale business decisions, or PR campaigns. The streamlined interface is intuitive and builds the graphs you need automatically.

Keep up with e-commerce

Every online store automatically has huge amounts of data on their customers. They know how many visitors they get, what products customers look at, what products they actually buy, how much time they spend shopping, and more. If you’re relying on your POS system’s weekly statistics report, that means you’re already at least a week behind your online competitors.

You already have most of the same data. Link Retail just helps you use it to your advantage, so you can focus on running your business.

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