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Queue Management
We achieve a cost reduction by 6-9% in man-hours as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Service Quality Monitoring

Customer satisfaction is a primary objective for building longer-term relationships with shoppers. In this manner, every business owner aims to provide high-quality service to the customers.

Besides that, time is the most important and an unrecoverable asset for all people. Crowded queue lines put a mental fence for the shoppers decreasing their shopping motivation. Therefore, unexpectedly high queue abandonment rates become inevitable. 

Queue management is about understanding when and how many customers queue up at check-out. Our queue management solution ensures whether the shoppers in the lines are getting qualified service in accordance with the retailer’s service management target.

In-time and accurate notifications on queuing levels is the key success factor when implementing a queue management solution. That is why employees should be informed and warned about extreme queuing events such as there are too much presence of low or too high people densities at queue regions.

Link Retail's Top 4 Technological Superiorities


Our queue analytics are predictive! The shopkeepers are notified by AI powered monitors prior to any bottlenecks in queue lines.

Dwell & Service Time

Both customer dwell time and average servicing time by the cashier are measured with the help of our advanced video processing algorithms.

Cashier Detection

The presence of cashier employees is automatically detected by the cameras. This information is useful for the shopkeepers and our predictive analysis.

Abandonment Rate

Link Retail queue monitoring cameras can swiftly detect when a shopper leaves the queue line from the back.

Complete Supervision on Queues

Link Retail Queue Management System can accurately measure how many customers line up and how much time they spent for waiting. Also, it provides predictive notifications to assign new cashiers in real time.

Furthermore, our system presents real-time tools for improving customer satisfaction and effective staff management. With the help of our queue management solution, the business owners can swiftly optimize service quality at the same time lowering employee costs.


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