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People Counting
We approximately achieve more than​ 10% increase in conversion rate​.

Accurate People Counting & Increased Conversion Rate

Visitor counting numbers combined with sales figures reflects the most basic and beneficial KPI, namely conversion rate. Accurate and reliable footfall statistics are required by the retailers in order to benchmark the performance of stores.

Link Retail people counting software offers both the lowest cost solution and the most advanced analytic technology in the market. Link Retail people counting solution is based on our property Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, called LinkVision.

Our LinkVision based counting solution provides best-in-class data quality with the lowest implementation cost possible thanks to its AI core.  That is, regular CCTV cameras are transformed into the World’s most accurate and versatile counter devices with the help of our unique AI software platform.

The exclusive features brought by Link Retail people counters include staff exclusion, occupancy, and shopping time metrics.

Link Retail's Top 4 Technological Superiorities

We are the only company that calibrates every installation and secures performance over 95%.

Super Low Hardware Cost

Link Retail video analytics are compatible with the existing CCTV hardware. Out platform is even available on the lowest cost cameras in the market.

Staff Exclusion

Store employees are automatically detected by our property LinkVision technology. The employees don’t have to wear any barcodes, beacon or Wi-fi tags.

Occupancy & Visiting Time

Link Retail counters provide the occupancy and visiting time metrics. The number of visitors can also be filtered based on visiting time.

AI Powered Accuracy

Our video processing algorithms are powered by our property AI models, which enables us to achieve industry leading accuracy with the lowest possible costs.

Enhancing the Benefits from Footfall

It is no-brainer that modern era retailers require footfall data obtained from door counting devices to assess their performance.

Nearly all major retail management tasks such as marketing, staffing, pricing and daily operations can be better understood with the help of conversion rate metric.

In Link Retail people counting software platform, low cost CCTV cameras are utilized in the conjunction with the AI algorithms to come up with the most advantageous counting product in the market.

LinkVision: Genuine AI

LinkVision is the revolutionary AI based video content analysis technology developed by Link Retail. LinkVision apps outperform both 2D and 3D stereo based video analytic products thanks to its AI based object recognition engine.

LinkVision technology enables the users to not only detect movements but recognize the objects in the scene. LinkVision algorithms can recognize common objects such as humans, shopping carts and baby trolleys.

Moreover, it can adaptively deal with ambient challenges such as illumination variation and high shadowing.

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