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People Counting
We approximately achieve more than​ 10% increase in conversion rate​.

Accurate People Counting & Increased Conversion Rate

Understanding the dynamic between visitor numbers and sales figures is pivotal for retail success, epitomized by the crucial key performance indicator (KPI) known as the conversion rate. For retailers, having access to precise and dependable footfall data is essential not just for gauging the performance of individual stores but also for optimizing operational strategies and enhancing customer experiences.

Link Retail’s people counting software stands out in the market, offering a dual advantage: it is both the most cost-effective solution and boasts the most sophisticated analytic technology available. Central to our people counting solution is our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, LinkVision.

Powered by LinkVision, our people counting solution sets the industry standard for data quality while ensuring the implementation costs remain the lowest possible. Our AI technology transforms standard CCTV cameras into the world’s most accurate and versatile counting devices, eliminating the need for expensive, specialized hardware.

Our solution comes with exclusive features that set Link Retail apart from other providers. These include the ability to exclude staff from counts to ensure data accuracy, measure occupancy levels in real-time for safety and operational efficiency, and analyze shopping time metrics to understand customer behavior deeply. These capabilities enable retailers to not just count foot traffic but to glean actionable insights that drive business growth and improve customer satisfaction.

Link Retail's Top 4 Technological Superiorities

We are the only company that calibrates every installation and secures performance over 95%.

Super Low Hardware Cost

Link Retail video analytics are compatible with the existing CCTV hardware. Out platform is even available on the lowest cost cameras in the market.

Staff Exclusion

Store employees are automatically detected by our property LinkVision technology. The employees don’t have to wear any barcodes, beacon or Wi-fi tags.

Occupancy & Visiting Time

Link Retail counters provide the occupancy and visiting time metrics. The number of visitors can also be filtered based on visiting time.

AI Powered Accuracy

Our video processing algorithms are powered by our property AI models, which enables us to achieve industry leading accuracy with the lowest possible costs.

Enhancing the Benefits from Footfall

In today’s retail landscape, leveraging footfall data from door counting devices is essential for retailers aiming to optimize performance and enhance operational strategies. This data is pivotal across various facets of retail management, including marketing, staffing, pricing, and day-to-day operations, providing a clear metric through which to measure success: the conversion rate. 

Link Retail’s people counting software platform harnesses the power of low-cost CCTV cameras, coupled with advanced AI algorithms, to deliver the market’s most cost-effective and advantageous counting solution. This innovative approach not only makes the technology accessible to a wider range of retailers but also ensures that the insights gained are as accurate and actionable as possible.

By integrating AI-driven analytics with existing CCTV infrastructure, Link Retail offers a seamless and scalable solution that transcends traditional counting methods. This approach not only elevates the accuracy of footfall data but also unlocks deeper insights into customer behavior, enabling retailers to make informed decisions that drive growth and improve customer experiences.

LinkVision: Genuine AI

LinkVision represents a groundbreaking advancement in AI-based video content analysis, a proprietary technology meticulously developed by Link Retail. This innovative technology sets a new standard in the realm of video analytics by outshining traditional 2D and 3D stereo-based analytic products through its sophisticated AI-based object recognition engine. At the core of LinkVision’s capabilities is its exceptional ability to not only detect motion within a scene but to accurately recognize and differentiate between objects. This includes the identification of humans, shopping carts, and baby trolleys, among others, thereby providing detailed insights into shopper behavior and store dynamics.

One of the standout features of LinkVision is its adaptability to varying ambient conditions, a common challenge in video analytics. It expertly handles issues such as changes in illumination and areas with high shadowing, ensuring consistent and reliable data capture regardless of environmental factors.

LinkVision’s technology is a testament to Link Retail’s commitment to innovation, offering users a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of their retail environments. This allows for more informed decision-making and the optimization of store operations, marketing efforts, and customer service strategies.

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