M E A S U R E . L E A R N . S T A Y - A H E A D .

One million breads saved in 10 months, at the Norwegian grocery chain MENY.

Link Retail has developed a digital solution that continuously learns to reduce wastage of baked goods in a grocery chain. 10 months after the solution was implemented at MENY – one of Norways leading supermarket retailers, they have reduced waste by more than 1 million breads. 

Save bread wastage with close to 40% – Save money and save the environment

To put this in perspective, this amounts to a saving of almost EURO 2 million per year, which will only be strengthened with ever-increasing prices for necessary raw materials. In addition to reduced costs, the reduced annual bread waste will amount to up to 840 tons of reduced CO2 emissions for Meny alone.

Our solution for the baking category ensures:
  • Precise ordering routines and production planning
  • Committed employees who take ownership of the results they deliver.

We are ready to support more grocery retailers

For us, it is inspiring to have a customer like MENY who encourages us to secure more customers for our solution in the grocery sector. With the attitude “This is far too important for us to keep this to ourselves”, we are in dialogue with potential customers in the Nordic countries, Poland, Germany, the UK and the USA.


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