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Occupancy Sings
We are retail experts offering our clients the opportunity to leverage the world’s most versatile occupancy analysis solution.

Live Occupancy Monitoring Solutions

Retail stores are increasingly enforcing social distancing rules by limiting the number of shoppers on their premises to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Occupancy Signs is one such solution. The system comprises high-tech people-counting sensors that anonymously count and track those entering and exiting your store. It then calculates the store’s occupancy rate as per its capacity. Occupancy Signs system ensures that shoppers, employees, and store visitors have the space that they need to stay safe.

Link Retail’s Top 4 Technological Superiorities

Low-Cost Implementation

Link people counting system is the lowest cost and highest accuracy counting system on the market. This system does not require high costs for the application.

Staff Exclusion Feature

This system recognizes staff members and excludes them from the customer count, for virtually error-free customer flow totals to determine actual customers.

High Level Accurate

Link Retail provides over 95% accuracy. One of the most important considerations when selecting a people counting system on which shopkeepers can depend.

Conversion Rates

Actual store performance can be accurately and easily determined by linking Link Retail technology with sales data to calculate the most effective conversion rates.

Benefits of Link Occupancy Signs

This real-time occupancy monitoring system leverages a unique algorithm software to generate real-time data on the amount of time that customers spend in your store. It sends notifications and warnings when occupancy limits are approached or exceeded, thus enabling you to enforce social distancing rules. You also get to monitor the number of people in different areas of your store.

The Occupancy Signs system has all the metrics needed to enforce customer limitation regulation. It comes with sensors that get installed at the store’s entrance to send live updates to customers before they enter the store. Occupancy Signs uses simple visual guidelines to control your store’s occupancy fates.

In case occupancy limits are approaching, customers will be asked to wait outside the store until it’s safe for them to enter. This negates the need to station an employee at the door to regulate the number of customers entering the store. With Occupancy Signs, it’s also easy for store owners and managers to plan maintenance activities when traffic is typically low.

Social Awareness

While people are anxious to return to a more normal lifestyle without being forced to stay home, they are aware of the dangers of contagion. People are wearing masks and taking the precautions necessary to stay six feet apart. They will understand the need to wait for entry into your store. They may prefer to wait in their vehicles or in spaced lines.

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