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Live Occupancy Monitoring for Retail Restrictions Due to COVID-19 Crisis


Our customers requested a solution to regulate the number of customers inside their stores, so we have developed and installed this solution for them. The system is based on people counters -and is easy to install and use. The experiences so far are outstanding and it’s working as is supposed to do.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect more people across the globe, governments have implemented and enforced protective measures including social distancing and limiting the number of people present in retail stores, supermarkets, public places, and pharmacies at any given time. These measures are designed to give people enough room for social distancing and prevent the further spread of the virus.

Occupancy Signs – Occupancy Monitoring Solution

Since the government is strictly enforcing these measures, you will need to determine the live occupancy count solution in your store. Various solutions are available to help you comply with government regulations. Occupancy monitoring solution adopts the latest technological advancements in people counting sensors, which physically counts the number of people entering your store at any given time, then calculates the occupancy rate as per the store capacity. It is able to offer 99% occupancy accuracy rates by staff exclusion during the day and also, by adapting to all variable environmental conditions.


The systems advanced technology will send alerts when the maximum number of people is reached. Furthermore, it will give you the average time required to enter the store to help your customers maintain calmness while in the queue. With this data from the software, you will be able to organize visits to your store while remaining focused on the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers. The advanced feature of Occupancy Signs’ unique technology helps you to determine which areas of your store most customers visit and the amount of time spent on these sections.

As businesses across the globe face up to the reality of COVID-19, ensure that you have put all preventive measures in your store with Occupancy Signs monitoring software. Visit our website to gain more insight or purchase the software

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