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Link Shelves

Shelves are the Backbone in Retail – and Should Always Be Optimized

We will normally achieve a minimum of​ +2% sales increase 

In most normal stores, shelves accounts for approximately 75% of all sales, so one of the main components of any successful retail store is how the shelves are arranged. There are basically two key aspects to any shelf:

1.Range. What is the perfect number SKU’s in a shelf? Most shelves have much to many different products stacked in a limited space

2.Merchandising. Presenting your products in a way that is visually appealing while also simultaneously generating sales interest

Both are vital yet hard to master. The use of technology in order to modernize this aspect of retail has proven to be extremely valuable.


75% of all sales in a store comes from the shelves.  Our tools make sure that all shelves are perfectly optimized.


Shelving is more than just having your goods distributed in a convenient manner. Rather, it is a strategic process that seeks to achieve one or more goals.  What do you want to get out of your shelves?

The first of these goals is to increase gross sales. Arrange your shelfes to sell as much as possble. Generally, this means a focus obn bestsellers to ensure that the needs of the shopper are met.

Another potential outcome of shelving is to increase gross profit margins. Make sure that more expensive, premium products are out at the forefront to catch the attention of customers. It also helps make it smoother to sell to people who regularly buy more expensive products.

The 3rd objective is usually to optimize the number of items sold. We call this to use certain products to increase traffic to a shelf -or to a certain sector in the store.

We uses different colour coding to display different objectives. This makes it easy for anybody to work with the tools and to identify opportunities fast.

Have a look at you smartphone and you will immediately be able to see if a shelf is performing good or not. If it’s not – do something with it fast. You can never take back lost sales!

Easy to Implement – Easy to Use!

At a minimum, The Link Space Management tools achieves a two percent sales increase. That is minimum.

Link Shelf tools uses advanced AI algorithms alongside rigorous A-B testing in order to tweak and refine your shelving until it reaches its best possible state. The Link Space Management tools also comes with software that allows for visual performance indicators that make it easy to track data no matter how tech-savvy you are or are not.

Link Shelf is a thoroughly back-tested and proven product

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