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Link Sales
Real-time sales data are the basis of smart decisions.

All the Data You Need in Your Pocket

With real-time sales data transmitted directly to the user’s smartphone, tracking performance is easy.

Having access to real-time information is necessary in order to keep up in the competitive retail space. It is simply not good enough anymore to check in on performance statistics at the end of the week. The Link Sales Modul are solving this problem.

Daily and hourly updates on your smart phone

The Link Sales Modul links directly with the store’s POS system in order to track daily sales. This data is then directly transmitted to the Link Retail software, where it can be accessed right on a smartphone or tablet. The relevant figures, such as sales volume and conversion rates by sector, are then displayed in a streamlined interface. 

One does not need to have a background in software in order to understand what Link Retail Tools is telling them. So, monitoring while outside the office or store is now much easier than before.


POS analytics

Time in-store can be spent without having to disconnect from day-to-day operational numbers. Therefore, you’ll stay in control!

Link Retail’s Top 4 Technological Superiorities

Act Rapidly

Allow the system to monitor your sales activity and track the number of products displayed in your store.


Know your best sellers and create marketing strategies rapidly to boost your sales.

Sale Performance

Monitor and pursue sales activity in real-time in your store without losing valuable time.

Product Display

Define the best and worst sellers of the day and easily follow up on your product stock.

POS Analysis

We are installing our software on any device wanted – on a smartphone, tablet or monitor.

With real-time sales data at hand, you will be able to fix most problems in store immediately.

The level of flexibility and responsiveness provided by The Link Sales Modul is unmatched. No longer is there a delay between store feedback and adjustment.

Now, problems can be tackled as soon as they arise. An underperforming zone can be identified in a day and be designated for redesign or special attention. This will stop certain sectors from lagging behind, as they will quickly receive the attention needed.

Likewise, places in the store that are doing well will also be properly registrated, allowing users to leverage them to drive as much sales as possible.

The Link Sales Modul makes communication in-store easier. The software facilitates real-time dialogue with the frontline employees who run the store. Getting them the feedback needed to make their jobs easier, raise their performance, and boost the store’s bottom line.

For those wanting a desktop build, The Link Sales Modul also offers a PC version of the software that performs the same function. Overall, the current realities of retail require daily monitoring and optimization. The Link Sales Modul is a tool that allows owners to gain an edge over the competition with its tracking capabilities.

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