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Increase margins for your “traffic” products

For sales promotions, we will normally achieve a minimum of​ 15% sales increase

Usually, sales promotions are products sold at low prices to get traffic to the stores. Most often with high sales but at very low gross margins.

Using our tools, sales promotions can actually be profitable when correctly deployed. They will normally entice consumers to flock to your store and buy more products than they usually would. By using our data analysis and statistics you will also be able to deliver profitable sales promotions – as one of the few in the market.

Products on promotion is a «low margin business» to get traffic to the stores. With more insights and good planning it can be a much better business than it is today!

Link Retail’s Top 4 Technological Superiorities

Act Rapidly

Allow the system to monitor your sales activity and track the number of products displayed in your store.


Know your best sellers and create marketing strategies rapidly for boosting your sales.

Sale Performance

Monitor and pursue sales activity in real-time in your store without losing valuable time.

Product Display

Define the best and worst sellers of the day and easily follow up on your product stock.

Which products are good to be used to create more traffic and which one shoud only be used to generate a higher gross margin?

Understanding Best Sellers

Between 40-50% of the sales generated at your store will be from a select group of 5-10% of your products. This is normal. How to utilize this insight?

Identify you best selling promo products

Perfect Promotion will aid in identifying these heavy movers and allow better sales promotions.

This could, for example, bring up the sales of a lagging item when packaged together in a promotion with one that is a favorite of your shoppers – but most important to have the best combinations of promotional products on display at any time.

Identify you best selling promo places

In addition, the data gathered by Perfect Promotion helps in finding the best-selling places within the store. These hot zones of activity are extremely valuable when leveraged correctly. Putting products on sale and then positioning them in those high activity areas is a surefire way to guarantee that the accompanying promotion will be a success.

Using technology to find optimal price points

One of the most important aspects of running a promotion is deciding what to price the promoted products.

If the discount is not significant enough, then consumers will not be properly excited and there will be no real uptick in sales. Likewise, pricing too low will cut into the profit margins of the store. Thankfully, the backtested A.I. learning of Perfect Promotion is able to use advanced technology in order to pinpoint an equilibrium price point that will both drive interest and sustain profitability.

With sophisticated machine learning backed by a wealth of historical results to draw upon, Perfect Promotion is a valuable tool that can streamline and optimize the process of running a sales promotion. Perfect Promotion will normally achieve a minimum of a 15% sales increase. This is a giant number that can help a store comfortably generat revenue.

Perfect Promotion is able to use advanced technology in order to pinpoint price points that will both drive interest and sustain profitability

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