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Floor Management

The Best Places in Store is a Goldmine!

In most normal stores sales from places on the floor accounts for approximately 25% of all sales.

The main goal of any retail store is to increase and maintain sales and profitability. With stiff competition in the retail space and the outside threat of online commerce, it is imperative to convert as many leads as possible. 

We normally achieve +10% net profit increase.

Using our Space Management software for places is the best way to optimize Gross Profit -and to improve the layout of the store.



Identify the Best Selling Places in store, and we will help you to optimize your gross profit.

Link Retail’s Top 4 Technological Superiorities


The information provides by the software enables you to immediately optimize each placement around the store.


Compare your product results of different places and take advantage of them by displaying your best products.

Sales Data

Analyze the effect of each individual additional placement based on real-time sales data.

Store Optimization

To be decisive on which products should be placed at the various places in your store according to interaction.

Link Perfect Place is a Real-Time Profit Optimizer

Our software will gather useful and relevant data of all the best places in a store. What is the best places and how to optimize it?

From where the hot zones are, to identified products with the highest gross margin. Link Floor is an inexpensive tool that cuts down on the difficulty of data collection and presents what retailers need to know in a manner that anyone can understand.

Link Floor – Use the Best Places in Store to Drive Profit

Using previous sales data, the Link Floor data can tell exactly which products are the drivers of profits.

This allows identifying bestsellers and deploys them in such a way to maximize their potential sales volume. In addition, Link Floor also assists with the identifying of the best places in the store. So, retailers will know which parts of the store customers are visting the most. This allows to move the bestsellers to these highly trafficked zones. The added exposure will result in more sales volume and higher profits.

Best-sellers on the best places is a winning combination

Data shows that bestselling product sells at a rate of between 100% -500% more than that of lesser-known products. This is absolutely something that shopkeepers should be leveraging in order to better the profitability and health of their retail business. Link Floor itself is backed up by impressive numbers, as we normally see a 10% increase in gross profit for the stores using the software.

Link Floor assists with the identifying of the Best Places in the store. This is where Bestsellers should be placed

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