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League & Team Work

Competition Among Employees Drive Sales

We normally achieve a minimum ​10% increase in sales.
Leveraging Gamification with Link League

Finding ways to keep employees motivated is something that can be challenging. The concept of gamification is built around using the natural driver of competition in order to empower employees to work more effectively. With Link Leaguecreating and implementing this gamification into a retail business is easy and will generate results.

Link League is set up in a way that closely mirrors the structure found in the professional sports league. Each store in the league is its own team. The employees are working at that store act as the players on that “team.” Their actions accrue points, which are mainly scored via sales. The more sales that a store and employees at said store generate, the more points they will score within the game.

Link Retail’s Top 4 Technological Superiorities


Put together your sales team, manage the team efficiently and measure the real-time results.

Increase Sale

Increase sales, revenues, and efficiency of both your employees’ score and store productivity.


Compare the results of different stores and your league performance with real-time data.


Motivate and evaluate your employees by giving providing them a score, based on their performance.

How to Play the Game with Link League?

Competition between stores increases motivation among employees. It’s fun to be at work –and sales increase when the matches are on.

The matchups in Link League occur weekly, with different stores being matched up against each other in contests that last seven days. At the end of that period, the team (store) that has scored the most points (had the most sales) will win. Each store will then face a fresh opponent during the following week. As the league progresses from month to month, employees will be able to see the overall standings of the store in their league.

The Stores Compete Against Each Other

Implementing gamification via Link League will generally result in a minimum 10 percent sales increase.
Win and earn your points

With the Link League software, employees will be able to see the results of their efforts in real-time as they compete against another store.

These statistics, such as sales volume, will show a side- by-side comparison between the two stores as well as which store is in the lead.

It feels good to win

This is where the added motivation comes in. Simply put, it feels good to win and bad to lose. Employees will work harder than in order to bring victory to themselves and their shop. Also, it will build a team atmosphere in the store, as everyone will be working together towards a common goal of winning.

Using the competitive nature that people have inside them in order to help sales and team morale in an effective strategy. Case in point:

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