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Video Analytics
How Video Analytics Help Retail Stores Owners Measure Occupancy

Efficient management of a retail store’s traffic enhances customer service, reduces long queues, and boosts security.  With the social distancing rules in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, proper management of traffic is essential to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Top-grade video analytic tools enable stores to monitor peak business hours, store sections that attract more people, and the store’s optimal capacity. Physically tracking shoppers is an expensive and clumsy way of keeping track of your shop’s traffic.

Link Retail has developed an easy-to-use video analytics tool for retail stores that streamlines real-time monitoring of the store’s occupancy on a central platform. Video analytics will help your store in the following ways:


Video Analytics Assists in Monitoring Store’s Occupancy

Monitoring occupancy helps you to know the number of people in your store at a given time. Given that each building has an occupancy limit, knowing the number of people in your store helps to strategize on efficient use of space and whether you need to expand your store or not.

Additionally, especially now during the COVID-19 19 period, counting the number of people in a retail store is paramount. To keep up with the required six feet apart rules, you need video analytics to produce real-time data on available spaces already. This enables you to plan on creating more space or increasing service delivery speeds to avoid long queues and congestion.

A spacious room prevents the spread of coronavirus and allows people to access exits quickly whenever there is an emergency.  Video analytics for stores leverages a well-devised artificial intelligence model that combines IoT technology and data analytics to give accurate real-time reports of your store’s occupancy.

Proper Queue Management Enhances Smooth Flow of Traffic

Efficient management of queues facilitates better control of the number of people who are waiting to be served in your store. Video Analytics for retail stores enables accurate monitoring of the number of people admitted to a store at a given time.  Analytic reports can be used to design schedules in a way that reduces pressure on staff and customer’s average waiting time.

Heat Map Monitors Customer Behavior

A heat map showcases shoppers’ behavior and the areas in your store that are always full of activity. Heat maps enable easy evaluation of the number of customers that frequent a particular space in a store. With video analytics, you can understand customer behavior by simply glancing at hourly reports.

Ready to Get Started?

We understand that numbers can be hard to crunch. That is why we have designed data analytic tools that synthesize everything for you. Video analytics for retail stores is a simple-to-use app that does not require you to hire an IT professional to manage. Request a demo to learn more about video analytics for retail stores.

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