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How To Reduce Bread Wastage from Your Bakery Business Using Link Retail

Bread wastage is a huge problem for bakery owners. Bread is one of the most popular products sold in bakeries, but it also has one of the highest rates of wastage too! Imagine if you could reduce bread waste by 30% or more- would that be worth your time? 

Wastage of food has been a concern for mankind since the beginning but with a more eco-friendly approach, businesses are now very critical about wastage of food. In some cases, it will require the bakeries to change their entire approach to how they do business and if you have been running a bakery for decades it can be difficult for you to find ways to reduce bread wastage. This is where Link Retail comes in. 

We know that there are bakeries all over the world, who are desperately looking for ways to reduce their bread wastage but they are not skilled or knowledgeable enough in the process. They don’t know how they can effectively control the wastage of bread and make their business more sustainable. Link Retail can help you with the process from start to finish. We can help you develop practices that would not only reduce bread wastage but also increase profitability for your business.

What Does The Research Say About Bread Wastage?

If you are not in the grocery business, then chances are that you don’t think about bread wastage as much as you should. Food wastage not only effects the business but also each and every person in the world. A study shows that almost 60 pieces of bread are wasted in each store EVERY SINGLE DAY and in some stores the number is even higher. It seems odd to see so much bread go to waste when millions of people around the world are starving or malnourished. Not to mention the carbon footprint that bread waste leaves on the world.

Why Choose a Special Service like Link Retail for Reduction of Bread Wastage

It is difficult to change the operations of a business when that is the only way you have been doing a business for years especially for family-run businesses that have been following the same design of doing business for decades. It can be very difficult to change your traditional ways. However this does not mean that you cannot reduce food wastage from your business. A skilled and knowledgeable service provider like Link Retail can help you a great deal. Sometime you only need someone to guide you through the process and Link Retail can do just that. You might have to change some business practices that you have been doing for years but at the end it will all be worth it. Link Retail has been in the business for many years now and we know how we can help you business reduce a significant amount bread wastage. We can help you set a plan in place that will reduce your bread wastage and make your business more profitable.

Struggling to find ways to reduce bread wastage from your store? Well, struggle no more! Contact Link Retail today and play your part in the global food wastage reduction initiative.

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