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Space Management
How to Optimize Your Shelf Space to Sell Your Product

If a retail store is to be successful, it must keep shelving in mind. Shelving is not just a way to put your product in the store. It is a chance to market your product. It is a chance to see your customers’ preferences. It may make the difference between your customer becoming regulars or staying away. How do you optimize your shelf space, so it is being used to your advantage?

What We Do?

We quantifiably and precisely measure what you want to know. What is the best way to put my product on your shelves? We don’t use guesswork; we use science, so you know that you are doing it in the most advantageous way when you put your products out. We will work with you to develop a goal and monitor the data to successfully carry out your strategy.

How We Do It?

We use our “Shelf Optimizer” to take the guesswork of shelf optimization and turn it into science. It is a thoroughly back-tested and proven product. It uses advanced AI algorithms alongside rigorous A-B testing to tweak and refine your shelving until it reaches its best possible state. The Link Shelves also comes with software that allows for easy to read data so you can track data no matter how tech-savvy you are or are not. The best news is you get your information in real-time as people shop. It allows you to be flexible and make changes on the go to stay ahead of your competition. Even better, you get a long view strategy of what works and what doesn’t in your store so you can place your products accordingly every single day.

Retail is a cut-throat business, and you need every advantage you can get. We can optimize your shelves using the latest scientific breakthroughs to make sure you always have a leg up on your competition. If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, click here for more details

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