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How does Shopper Flow system work?
Pure video analytics technology with high accuracy.

Utilize Existing CCTV Cameras


Link Retail shopper flow solution is a video analytics technology that can visualize shopper behavior in an easy-to-understand manner. Video footage from in-store CCTV cameras are analyzed for detecting shopper movements.

Link Retail software is compatible with 99% of the CCTV infrastructure in the market. Different types of shopper activities such as “walk by”, “stand still” and “product interaction” are identified by our property AI technology.

Since our technology does not rely on low accuracy Wi-Fi data, we provide highest possible accuracy on in-store shopper behavior. The heatmap reports contained in Link Retail system are employed for optimizing retail tasks such as marketing, store layout, merchandising and staffing.

Effective Results

Hot & Cold Zones

With the shopper flow reports, easily identify the most profitable zones of the store.

Store Layout

Discover how you can maximize
your store utilization.

Product Placement

See if your visuals and shelves are getting attention or not.

All Dimensions of Shopper Activity


With the help of Link Retail’s state-of-the-art video analysis technology, all dimensions of the in-store shopper movements can be captured. That is, our software does not only detect the presence of  activity in the scene, it can also determine if the shopper is walking or standing (dwelling).

When a person is seen as dwelling at a particular area, then the system starts to measure the time spent by the person, later called by dwell time.

The basic metrics reported by Link Retail shopper flow suite includes:
  • Passersby: How many shoppers has passed from any point of the store?
  • Impression: How many of them has spent time at any point of the store?
  • Dwell Time: How much time is spent by the shoppers at any point of the store?

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