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How Does Queue Management System Work?

Cutting Edge Video Analysis Technology

Link Retail queue management solution utilizes the in-store CCTV cameras monitoring the queuing areas. The real-time video footage from the cash desk cameras is processed by our property video analytic software. Shopper activities in a pre-defined queue region area are detected and analyzed instantly in order to identify customer service performance. Link Retail queue monitoring cameras can measure variety of metrics powering its AI based prediction engine. The metrics include;

Boosted Customer Retention

Reducing shopper waiting time at queue regions will foster a better shopping atmosphere for the shoppers. As a results, they will tend to buy more items and visit the same store in the future.

Better Staffing

By using both real-time and historical reports from Link Retail queue monitoring system, retailers can adjust in-store staffing levels according to queuing patterns. In most cases, better staffing also means reduced costs and increased profits.

Less Lost Sales

Abandonment rate of shoppers will dramatically increase when queue density levels are too high. The best solution for getting rid of frustrating queuing requires real-time monitoring and prompt actions.

AI Powered Predictions

Eliminate the queue incidents before happening

By combining Link Retail people counting and sector analysis data with the queue managements system, it is possible to detect queuing incidents prior to 30 minutes. The Link Retail queue prediction software utilizes both queue and counter cameras in order to determine the possibility of having high or low queue density events in near future. The system can also provide longer term predictions such as daily or weekly.

Our queue prediction engine is based on a property AI model, which is trained by using real-world examples of queuing incidents. The notifications generated by the system are directly delivered to the shopkeepers. By this way, allocating sufficient number of cashiers will keep the queue density levels in an optimal stage.

Queue Management Reports

Our historical reports are simple and straightforward.

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