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How Does People Counting Work?
An advanced video processing software engineered with AI

AI-Powered Counting


The Link Retail software platform elevates standard CCTV systems to high-performance counting devices through its advanced AI core, LinkVision. Positioned at store entrances, these cameras are adept at identifying individual shoppers based on their physical and behavioral characteristics. 

LinkVision’s sophisticated AI algorithms enable the cameras to accurately distinguish between various entities, such as people, shopping carts, and baby trolleys, while also effectively addressing inaccuracies caused by environmental factors like shadows and fluctuating lighting conditions.

Beyond mere counting precision, the Link Retail platform offers comprehensive analytics capabilities, including the identification of staff members, analysis of shopping durations, and assessments of store occupancy.

Crucially, the platform allows for the customization of people counting data, enabling users to apply filters based on specific shopping time criteria. This feature, along with the system’s compatibility with cost-effective hardware, sets Link Retail apart from its 3D vision-based counterparts, offering a more accessible and versatile solution for retail analytics.

Precise Counting Algorithms

 Link Retail’s footfall counters are specifically designed and refined for the unique demands of retail environments. Leveraging proprietary AI models and advanced computer vision algorithms, we guarantee the utmost accuracy in counting. This high level of precision has been recognized as industry-leading by independent system integrator companies, underscoring our commitment to providing reliable and effective retail solutions.

Cheaper Hardware + Higher Accuracy

Link Retail’s counting application sets a new benchmark in the market by surpassing competitors in both affordability of hardware and the precision of counts. Utilizing AI-based object recognition and automatic calibration models, our technology equips standard CCTV cameras with advanced sensing capabilities, transforming them into intelligent counting solutions.

Link Retail stands unique in the industry as the sole provider offering manual verification services to our clients during the stages of project implementation.

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