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How Does People Counting Work?
An advanced video processing software engineered with AI

AI-Powered Counting


Link Retail software platform transforms traditional CCTV cameras into high performance counters with the help of its ultimate AI core, called LinkVision. The counter cameras mounted at the entrance of the store can recognize individual shoppers by using their appearance and behavioral attributes. 

Thanks to LinkVision AI recognition algorithms, the counter cameras can discriminate different types of objects such as human, shopping cart and baby trolleys. Moreover, the errors caused by environmental challenges including shadowing and variable lighting are easily eliminated by the counting algorithm.

In addition to these, Link Retail counting platform does not only stand for high accuracy counting. It also achieves other vital analytic tasks including staff detection, shopping time and occupancy measurements.

Most importantly, in our counting reports, counting numbers can be filtered according to shopping time parameters provided by the users. The obvious advantage of deploying Link Retail counters is the possibility of using low-cost hardware components unlike the 3D vision based competitors.

Precise Counting Algorithms

Link Retail’s footfall counters are devised and optimized especially for retail spaces. 
The highest possible counting accuracy is ensured with the help of our
property AI models and computer vision algorithms.
Our counting accuracy is already proved as industry leading
by independent system integrator companies.

Cheaper Hardware + Higher Accuracy


Link Retail’s counting application outperforms the competitors in terms of both hardware costs and counting precision. Our AI based object recognition and auto calibration models introduce a set of intelligent sensing skills for traditional CCTV cameras.


We are the only company providing manual verification service to our clients on project implementation stages.

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