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How Does Link Retail Help You Reduce Different Types of Food Wastage

You’re probably wondering why you should care about food waste. It’s not just a problem that affects the environment, it also has a huge impact on your business. Food waste raises costs and puts unnecessary stress on your staff members who have to deal with managing it.

A significant proportion (1/3rd to be precise) of the food produced in the world goes to waste. This is a huge problem for both your wallet and the environment. Link Retail has created a system that helps grocery stores reduce their food wastage, while also increasing profits.

Link Retails Observes Yours Business Practices

Link Retail has a thorough understanding of how grocery stores work and what factors contribute to food waste. We watch your business practices for some time so our staff can familiarize themselves with your business practices. We also conduct extensive research on the types of products you stock as well as determining which items tend to spoil quickly. Assessing the current situation of your business is the basic step that will help us determine what (and how intense) steps do we have to take in order to reduce the food wastage problem.

We Ask About the History of Your Business

Knowing the history of your business is also important. Have you been following the same practices since the start of your business? have you taken any steps in the past in order to reduce food wastage, what food item has gone to waste the most and other similar questions related to the history of your business are all going to help in determining the root cause of the problem and will also help in setting up new practices that would help reduce food wastage.

Real-Time Sales Data Is Also Important In Determining What Causes Food Wastage

Link Retail studies the sales of your grocery store in real time as well. In this part information like how long was the product on the shelf before it was sold or wasted, is there an expiry tracking system in place , how do you manage the product you think is going to go to waste and other information is gathered by asking questions from the staff and the owner of the business.

After assessing the past and current situation of the business Link Retail comes up with solutions that can help you improve your business by reducing food wastage.

Improve Manual Wastage Routines

One of the most common practices that Link Retail helps grocery stores improve is manual wastage routines. Manual wastage can cause a lot of food items to be thrown away which means more profits being lost. Using technology in your business not only reduces costs but also saves time and increases efficiency which are all factors that will help you earn higher revenue at the end of the day.

Digitalization & Real-time prognosis

Digitalizing your operations is another way to reduce food wastage. With the help of technology, grocery stores can determine which products are about to go bad and take action before they actually do. This reduces costs by minimizing food wastage as well as saves time.

Ordering and Production Management

Another common practice that grocery stores use to reduce food wastage is re-ordering and production management. If you know what products are going to sell in the future, its better if they’re ordered when there’s high demand for them rather than waiting till it can be sold which only increases costs and causes more food items to go bad before they can be sold.

Transparency and Reporting

Link Retail helps grocery stores develop a system that provides transparency for the owner, manager and employees. This ensures everyone involved in the business knows what is required of them to reduce food wastage as well as increases motivation which leads to better results. The more transparency there is in the business practices, the less food will go to waste.

Link Retail does all the above mentioned things by offering services based on cloud based system along with an app for employees and back office management tools all of which help to streamline your business and reduce food wastage.

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