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Heat Map
We normally achieve by 4-15 % increase in sales.

Shopping Experience in Fine Detail

Link Retail Heat Map Analytic can track every shopper in the scene and creates summaries of their activities such as passersby, impression and dwell. In other words, Link Retail Heat Map Analytic can sense how many shoppers passed from any point of the store, where they stopped and how much time they spent.

Shopper-Oriented Decision Making is Possible Now

Here are some examples of its benefits.

Hot & Cold Spots

With the help of heatmap reports, the retailers can easily identify best and worst performing areas of the store.

Store Layout & Utilization

Rental price in retail is extremely high. Do you know how much space can you utilize effectively?

Merchandising Strategies

Retailers can effortlessly check if the store visuals and shelves are getting attention.

A/B testing

Heat Maps provide right and in-time data for retail optimization tasks including marketing, staffing, pricing, store layout and much more.

We Only Provide Meaningful Shopper-Behavior Insights

Our heat map video analytic algorithms can exactly understand in-store human activities.

The shoppers just walking and looking around are classified as passersby.


When a shopper stops and starts to spend time at any place, then it is considered as an impression event.


Link Retail Heat Map Analytic software can also measure the time spent by the shoppers.


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