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Awarded 9 Million NOK in the challange to further reduce food waste for supermarket retailers

Research on sophisticated waste solutions in grocery retail, combined with AI, resulted in millions in support from The Research Council of Norway

Link Retail in Oslo together with the UIB University of Bergen and the grocery chain Meny were yesterday awarded more than NOK 9 million in research support. The amount was awarded to support our project to reduce waste of food in a grocery chain. 

Together with the grocery chain Meny, We have already achieved major savings in reducing waste in the fresh product categories. We can with great certainty achieve significantly more if we work with the best minds within Artificial Intelligence – and we found them at the University of Bergen. 

The recognition from the Research Council gives us the opportunity to work both thoroughly and long-term with very complicated issues. Meny’s ambitions are of course our priority, but customers are now knocking on our door from all corners of the world -and we will need to handle this as well. We are proud and grateful to be awarded this recognition and we are really looking forward to getting started.


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