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Even One Store Can Save More Than 5.000 Bread Yearly


Two Years of Development Gave Us the Wanted Results

Sustainability in grocery retail needs to change and step up to deliver solutions more friendly to the environment. 

1/3 of all food is thrown away and 20% of this is food wastage from grocery stores. The main problem is wastage of fresh food whereas bread, fruit, and vegetables accounted for 2/3 of all the kilos that are wasted every day. 

We have found effective solutions to reduce food wastage of fresh food in grocery and reducing bread wastage is in the first plan.

If one store can save only 15 bread every day, this adds up to more than 5000 pieces of bread yearly. Link Retail has the solutions ready to do so. 

We Have Cracked the Code for Reducing Bread Wastage Significantly 

For more than two years we have worked together with a grocery chain and many pilot stores, trying to reduce their food wastage. 

We have analyzed, developed, and tested several manuals and digital solutions to reduce food wastage and have now cracked to code for reducing wastage of bread. 

Achieving a 30%-50% Reduction of Bread Wastage

Thanks to close cooperation with the grocery stores we have now reduced bread wastage in all their stores by between 30%-50%. Digital ordering and real-time production estimates give the correct numbers of bread in-store at any time. 

Further, it becomes even better when the stores and the employees change their daily routines.

One store can save more than 5.000 bread yearly.

It’s rather normal for a grocery store to waste 50-60 pieces of bread a day. If one store reduces wastage of only 15 bread a day, it’s more than 5.000 bread a year. This is a significant number and saves both CO2 and cost.

We are now rolling out our bread wastage solutions to several grocery chains and have the capacity for more. There’s nothing to wait for since the business case is excellent for the environment and the bottom line. 

If you have any inquiries regarding our Food Waste Management processes, please do contact us!

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