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Covid-19 has Changed Shopping Behavior

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to stay in place to avoid exposure to this often deadly virus. Many retail establishments and other non-essential physical stores and restaurants closed forcing people to shop online.  Their shopping behavior has changed out of necessity.

Online shopping

While people stay home, they shop for products they may normally have purchased in a store. They may purchase toys, games, art supplies, pet supplies, and other items needed for children and pets at home.  Consumers purchased necessities online. They eliminate items they do not need. They often have food delivered since they consider it safer than entering a store.

Prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, online shoppers looked for business equipment and information, special foods and beverages, tobacco products, sporting goods, health items, and beauty products along with luxury items. Electronics and software were purchased online.


Paying rent or the mortgage always has priority. Many people who lost their jobs are scrambling for unemployment insurance for rent or mortgage payments. Food and utilities also have top priorities. Food banks help families in need of food. Most people who work from home find it unnecessary to purchase new clothing, shoes, and accessories. They are comfortable wearing very casual clothing. They purchased clothing online only when necessary. Comfort has replaced fashion. Many people are eager to return to their jobs. They are ready to shop department stores, boutiques, specialty stores, hairdressers, gyms, and other services. However, social distancing and other precautions are necessary for people to stay healthy.

Retailers and other facilities that reopen will have to limit shoppers. Grocery stores and other essential establishments that stayed open through the stay-at-home restrictions learned how to measure the number of shoppers in their stores through special analytic software. Link Retail provides software with a live occupancy monitoring system that will increase a retailer’s retention rate.

It is time for people to enjoy shopping where they can often browse and examine actual products rather than look at online photos. They are also ready to enjoy various services. Contact us for more information on keeping your business open and safe for shoppers.

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