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We Have Achieved to Reduce Bread Wastage & Sold-Out Issues in Grocery Retail!

Sold out of your best-selling bakery products in your store or too much bread left on the shelves by the end of the day? 

In this article, we will help you to better understand our solutions and how to avoid these situations and reduce food wastage.

First of all, the reasons for these issues could be the first issue means that there are lost sales and the second issue results in food waste. Both of them are a result of bad planning and an insufficient operational system.
This means that the system is unable to guide and support the employees in the bakery department with correct instructions – which is quite significant to reduce food waste. 

In this case, the Link Waste Management system is developed by people who understand both retail and grocery. In addition to the evaluation of historical results, our solution is based on real-time sales data supported by advanced machine learning algorithms. 

Moreover, we have worked together with one of the biggest grocery retailers, which is Meny. Then, we have tested the system rigorously. Accordingly, Link WMS simply manages to work as it is supposed to work. 

We would like to emphasize that – when our first Link WMS solution was implemented in 200 stores, more than 95% of the stores started to use the solution immediately – achieving immediate and effective results on all relevant KPIs.

In less than 6 weeks the average bread wastage in all stores was reduced by %30! Most importantly, this rate is still improving. 

How to Avoid Sold-Out Situations in Your Store?

Link WMS is designed to go empty of slow-moving products early in the evening – and never go empty of the best-sellers in your store. 

With this approach, we observe that our solution maintains or even increases the sales numbers in the bread department. Our detailed research demonstrates that shoppers are fine with a smaller assortment in the evening because when we tell them that this is done to reduce bread wastage, they embrace our approach!

Above all, we are highly eager to implement our Food Waste solutions in many other grocery store chains around the world!

We think that this is a quite important initiative in terms of producing sustainable business solutions as well as being sensitive to the environment. Therefore, we implement our solutions since the business case has substantially efficient results both for the environment and management of grocery stores.

If you have any questions regarding our Food Waste Management solutions, please do contact us!

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