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Analyzing Shopper Behavior with In-store Video in Grocery Stores

The realm of retail is in a state of constant flux, significantly shaped and propelled by technological innovation. Recognizing this transformative potential, Link Retail commits to leveraging technology to help retailers unlock their full potential. A key part of our offerings centers on understanding and analyzing shopper behavior, using it to craft more efficient, customer-centric shopping environments. Our powerful tool of choice for this mission is the people counting camera, a vital asset in our suite of retail video analytics applications.

The Power of People Counting Cameras: More than Just Numbers

People counting cameras, at their most basic level, serve a fundamental function—they count the number of people entering and exiting a store. However, when combined with advanced video analytics applications like those provided by Link Retail, these cameras become powerful tools for data gathering and analysis, revealing a wealth of information about shopper behavior. Link Retail’s people counting software, which combines both the most advanced analytics technology and the most cost-effective solution on the market, makes it possible for store managers to delve deeper into these numbers. We transform ordinary CCTV cameras into the world’s most accurate and versatile counter devices using our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This AI-driven solution offers best-in-class data quality at the lowest implementation cost, enabling retailers to monitor shopper behavior in real-time, track their movement patterns, identify peak shopping hours, and calculate conversion rates. When you combine footfall statistics with sales figures, you can benchmark store performance through the most beneficial Key Performance Indicator (KPI)—the conversion rate.

Link Retail’s Unique AI-Powered Features

Our people counting solution goes beyond pure counting, with features like staff exclusion, occupancy, and shopping time metrics. The staff exclusion feature filters out staff movements from the count, providing pure shopper footfall data and ensuring accuracy in shopper behavior analysis. The occupancy feature keeps track of the number of shoppers inside the store at any given time, aiding in store capacity management and social distancing enforcement. Shopping time metrics provide insights into the visiting duration of shoppers, which can be crucial in understanding shopping behavior and preferences. With our people counting software platform, low-cost CCTV cameras are utilized in conjunction with AI algorithms, delivering the most advantageous counting product in the market. This state-of-the-art solution offers an unbeatable performance-price ratio for hardware implementation costs.

Harnessing Data for Retail Management

In the modern retail era, footfall data obtained from door counting devices is essential for assessing store performance. Nearly all critical retail management tasks—such as marketing, staffing, pricing, and daily operations—can be optimized using conversion rate metrics derived from accurate footfall data. At Link Retail, our goal is to provide retailers with actionable insights that can revolutionize their operations. We believe that by understanding shopper behavior and movement patterns, stores can tailor their offerings and promotions to meet individual customers’ needs, boosting sales, and fostering customer loyalty.

Understanding Shopper Flow Analytics

Shopper flow analytics involves the use of technology, primarily in the form of video surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI), to monitor and analyze the movement of shoppers within a grocery store. It reveals valuable data about shopper behavior and preferences, providing critical insights to enhance store layout, product placement, staffing schedules, and marketing strategies. Shopper flow analytics allows grocery retailers to track footfall patterns and heat maps, identifying high-traffic areas and low-engagement zones within the store. It also provides information on the average time a customer spends in the store, helping retailers understand shopping patterns and potentially improve customer service.

Shopper Flow Analytics: A Tool for Strategic Decision Making

With shopper flow analytics, retailers gain a detailed understanding of how customers navigate their stores. This knowledge serves as the foundation for strategic decision-making, enabling retailers to optimize their store layout and product placement for increased sales. For instance, if shopper flow analytics reveals that shoppers tend to first move towards the fresh produce section upon entering the store, a retailer might consider placing promotional items or new products in this high-traffic area to increase visibility. On the other hand, low-traffic zones could be optimized by placing high-demand products to draw shoppers and enhance engagement. Shopper flow analytics also aids in better staffing decisions. By analyzing peak shopping hours and days, retailers can adjust staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage, improving customer service and reducing wait times.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience with Shopper Flow Analytics

A successful grocery store not only offers quality products but also creates an enjoyable shopping experience. Shopper flow analytics play a crucial role in this regard by providing insights to improve store layout and ensure a smooth shopping journey. By understanding how shoppers navigate through the store, retailers can design intuitive and efficient paths, reduce congestion in high-traffic areas, and strategically place signage for easy navigation. This not only creates a pleasant shopping environment but also influences purchasing decisions, potentially increasing basket size and boosting sales.


The future of retail lies in understanding and responding to customer behavior. People counting cameras, when enhanced by Link Retail’s powerful video analytics applications, offer grocery store managers a key to unlock insights into their customers’ behavior. These insights equip them to make data-driven decisions that optimize their operations and enhance the shopping experience. Investing in technology like people counting cameras and sophisticated video analytics signals a move towards a more efficient and customer-focused retail environment. At Link Retail, we are proud to contribute to this transformation, providing retailers with the tools they need to excel in the contemporary retail landscape.

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